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Pisa Orologeria was established in the heart of Milan by Divino Pisa, the second oldest of 13 brothers who began working as a watchmaker and engineer in the early 1930s, eventually founding the first Italian school of watchmaking. Divino was followed by brothers Ugo and Osvaldo, who also opened a small workshop in the city. The Pisa brothers united in the 1950s and their shop soon gained international replica watches attention.

“When wholesale A. Lange & Söhne replica was re-founded in the 1990s, Pisa Orologeria was one of the first retailers to believe in their rebirth,” Bertini confirmed to me recently. “Therefore at the time I had an ongoing working relationship with Günter Blümlein and I initially proposed to make a Lange 1 in stainless steel. Upon Ugo’s passing in the 1970s, the business passed to daughters Grazia and Maristella as well as Fabio Bertini, Osvaldo’s nephew. Maristella’s daughter Chiara entered the business in 2006, the family’s third rolex replica watches generation.

Pisa Orologeria continues to make a significant impression on the world horology market because of its tradition, history, and of course its nearly legendary involvement in the almost secretive existence of stainless steel watches by high quality copy A. Lange & Söhne.In 1992 Bertini – by then director of the business – became friendly with Günter Blümlein of Swiss fake A. Lange & Söhne; Pisa became one of the first retailers to wholeheartedly believe in the re-founded German replica rolex manufacture.